We hire, develop and cut to ensure champions in every position.

In most companies, average performance gets an adequate raise.

At The Vantage Project, average performance gets a severance package.

For us, the cost of having adequate in any position is simply too large, when we could have extraordinary. We work hard to ensure that all our team is working to be great.

Why be good, when you can be Great.

The benefit of a high-performance culture is you experience the exhilaration of working with consistently outstanding colleagues. You do your best work, you learn the most, and you achieve the highest professional satisfaction, when you're surrounded by excellence.

A great workplace is not how many perks are offered;
It is how stunning the colleagues are.

We value our team above everything else.

And We love problems. For someone's problem is a doer's opportunity.
Read on.

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"Are we your ideal spot in the universe?"
Only proceed further if the answer to the above question is a Yes.
No Cheating. And no Heroism.
After all, you'll only be able to thrive here with Integrity. Towards yourself.

We are actively looking for:

Even if you do not see a role that's relevant for you but you do find us a good fit, reach out to us and pitch how you can add value. We are always hiring.

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