To the entrepreneurs in 2020,

The paradigm of working has fundamentally changed,
perhaps forever.

Have you?

  • Inspiration. Not authority.
  • Empower. Not control.
  • Progress. Not motion.
  • Engage. Not manage.
  • Alignment. Not agreement.
  • Communication. Not instructions.
  • Outcomes. Not time spent.
  • Productivity. Not signaling busy.
  • Ownership. Not management.
  • Competence. Not certificates.
  • Self-responsibility. Not compliance.

Extinction is the default. It is Survival that takes initiative.

It is time to evolve.

Ways of succeeding in the new world are starkly different than in the old office/employee-boss paradigm.

Migrating to new remote-friendly software tools is not enough.

For, the problem is not a non-remote culture, but a trust deficit culture.

Meet Jarvis

Your organisation's new culture;

Implemented through a personalized AI bot.

Here are the most popular routines:


Daily logs to help you obeserve your activities.


Data to observe your state of equanimity.


Set your goals. Stay aligned. Occurs every Saturday.


Silent, Asynchronous version of meetings


Makes ‘What’s a good time to speak with you?’ redundant


You shouldn't have to guess your boss's mood to know your performance.


Simplified OKR goal setting, with self-driven alignment correction.


A team that has fun together, stays together. Create moments of winding down.


Todo list, hard limit-ed to 5. Prevent the scheduler in you, from drowning out the do-er in you.

Teams of tomorrow

Individuals don’t want to be controlled. They want to be empowered.

Everyone wants to create a great company. Un-possible; for that is the expression. You can only create great individuals. Org is a by-product, built on the foundation of high-performance individuals, and in their service.

Business model

Simplicity is a leverage.

Most software providers have intentionally created complexity to push their products.

For, most buying decisions are made through a feature-to-feature assessment and at a localized level.

Hence, vendors optimize for a quick and favorable decision at the department/team level and not for business success.

This is also true for Consulting. Consulting is the old-world equivalent of sharing vantage.

To win as a consultant, you must act smarter, more educated, and more enlightened, even if that means you limit your effectiveness because lesser people understand (also lesser of) what you are saying.

This results in the interests of providers and the businesses (that they serve) to become contrarian. Even though, that’s the most efficient way the world today knows how to function.

A simpler way to success.

We partake in wealth creation. Not a one-time sale. Our hypothesis is this is a more profitable model.

Tools are trivial cost. Vantage is priceless. We monetize the latter.


Here is the deal:

Use our tools for free. If and when you derive value, do spread it forward.

Your business success, is our validation.

If and when you want a higher degree of our mindspace, invite us to invest.

We’ll start by understanding your business POV.

We are The Vantage Project.

We believe that the future of the world lies in a paradigm that values individuality. We back entrepreneurs that share the same vantage. For all greatness, innovation and expression comes from a place of individual solitude.