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It’s hard to raise funds in a bear market, but you’re in the right place.

We design and execute your ICO plan. And charge you when we deliver.

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1. Prepare for Sale

Trust is the foundation of a successful token sale

2. Test User Demand

Measure Yield across all activities

3. Scale Growth

Driven by self-sustaining cashflow

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We are different

We see user growth (distribution) as the highest yield leverage for business success, in an increasingly noisy world . And spend significant weight on acquiring, nurturing and building exceptional capability to do so.

We see growth not as a problem of "how" can it be done, but instead "how much" is it going to cost to get done. And yes, cost is not limited to just capital. We then work to ensure that the costs are in the range low enough to make the unit trade profitable, and that in turn makes an exponential growth curve possible.

People behind the thought process
Prastut Kumar

Rational builder + Bits hacker. Built high output execution pipelines for multiple technology businesses.

Insatiably curious. Likes to connect dots by combining several disparate fields

Aditya Kumar Nayak

Rational thinker + Growth hacker. Accelerated multiple businesses from seed stage revenues (under $10K) to >$10 million in average annual revenue + healthy profits.

Contrarian investor. 10x'ed a $100K corpus in 2 years.


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