Information < Knowledge < Insight < Vantage.

We have grown businesses from negligible revenue to millions($) in ARR (Annual recurring revenue), outcomes that ranged from getting them to their next round of funding to turning them around into healthy profitable cashflow businesses.

The 10-post bootcamp is designed to walk you through the vantage we use, the processes that it delivers, and helpful tactics we have discovered along the way. You may attempt it at your pace. The recommended frequency is one module per week, and that is also the frequency that each module would be delivered to your inbox. However, all lessons are available on the website at all times to be consumed at your volition.

How to take the Bootcamp

The bootcamp leverages the use of self-discovery as a realignment tool to the path of maximum value delivered to the entrepreneur. There will be references to growth tactics and possible experiments along the way, the ask is for you to not proceed without applying their relevant versions to your business. Else, you may waste effort on an intellectual and hence, inefficient path. Possible instances may include creating and redesigning landing pages, running a referral program or redesigning the communication.

Here is how it is structured

Part 0: Growth vantage Part 1: Growth framework and strategy Part 2: Finding your pot of gold (Audience) Part 3: Business-Audience fit (Communication) Part 4: Audience-Channel fit (Channel) Part 5: Revenue (Conversion)

How to take this course

The course is thematically arranged to mimic a natural flow and your growth as a marketer during course.

The course uses the following tools. Their respective asks are given next to them:

  • Vantage: Gain awareness on it. See the model, apply the vantage on already existing knowledge. Evaluate if you are able to
  • Examples: They are a sub-optimal choice. For examples by nature, invoke a reference to past knowledge; and hence are prone to serving as distractions for the mind that is in an exploratory quest at the moment. You may only use them as triggers (for the thought process) and not for their vectors.
  • Project: Your hands-on time. More importantly, this path is structured tight enough to offer you a vantage on how we would approach this in real life, without having our time being a constraint for you.

The bootcamp affords an above average level of integrity. And the value that you’d be able to extract out of it is a function of how truthfully (integrity) you approach it. Everyone will be able to take away value from it; albeit all different.

Yet, the only true ask is of integrity. Stay true to what it is that you wish to take away from this course, in every moment.

Joining the community

It’s going to be tough to do this alone. We have you covered. There exists a slack channel of all entrepreneurs currently going through the bootcamp. Use it.

And you’d also find all of us there, frequently.

Join the Slack Channel

It may be too much to assimilate it at once. Take it one step at a time. Invite a friend along if that helps. Or make new ones here. See you next week.

“Growth is accrued value. Compounded.”