We hire, develop and cut to ensure champions in every position.

In most companies, average performance gets an adequate raise.

At The Vantage Project, average performance gets an intervention.

For us, the cost of having adequate in any position is simply too large, when we could have extraordinary. We work hard to ensure that all our team is working to be their 10x potential.

Who are we?

The Vantage project is the base protocol that enables the next generation of entrepreneurs to build their startups faster. We tilt the odds in favor of entrepreneurs by offering a lower risk, high growth and high yield path to building companies without having to depend on external capital. Sometimes we act as investors in existing businesses but more often we do so ourselves, with someone from our team (usually multiple) choosing to chase their entrepreneurial dreams.

Founded: 2019 (earlier Mutiny Labs)
Team Size: 8
Avg. team size of our portfolio: 72

Why do we do it, You ask?

Ethical wealth creation is possible. And poverty is the worst form of evil.

Purpose of wealth is freedom. We wish everyone to be free.

We offer guidance, affordance and structure. Energy and Discipline is yours to bring.

Our value system

We value our team above everything else. We continuously hire, develop and cut to ensure champions in every position.

The benefit of a high-performance culture is that you experience the exhilaration of being your 10x version. And so do we.

A great workplace is not how many perks are offered;
It is how stunning the colleagues are.

Meet our hello deck

"Are we your ideal spot in the universe?"

Only proceed further if the answer to the above question is a Yes.

No Cheating. And no Heroism.

After all, you'll only be able to thrive here with Integrity. Towards yourself.

Want to work with us?

We are always hiring.

Open positions: 24
Average base salary per employee: 11.4 lakhs
Average multiple earned (on base) per employee: 1.6
Highest payout in last 12 months: ~32 lakhs
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Life at The Vantage Project

We are currently based in Delhi, India and follow a distributed team structure.
HQ at our beautiful office with open lawns (and hopefully with a pool soon) at Qutub Institutional Area and distributed workspaces at-location for our portfolio companies.

Recommended Read: The Playbook

Interview Process

We strive to make it as predictable for you as possible

  1. Getting to know each other over text

    We’ll initiate a conversation to understand your background, establish the expected level of sincerity and urge you to evaluate our relevance for you.

  2. Establishing a culture fit over call

    Don’t sweat. We’ll have a casual conversation about your journey till now and learn more about you. Please do come prepared with any questions that you may have for us.

  3. Evaluation of Problem-solving ability over call

    If you’ve made this far, you are already ahead of the curve. We’ll up the notch this time and throw a real business challenge at you. We are looking for how you approach the problem. You may take as much time as you need to get ready.

  4. References

    3+ references from current and former managers and co-workers.

  5. Offer

    Hopefully, we’ll be able to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

  6. Onboarding

    Welcome aboard. The journey to 10x has just begun. The next 12 months are going to be super exciting, and we hope to see you succeed.
    Further read: Playbook | firstday

Who should apply

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