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Here is how we cracked the hiring problem for blockchain engineers

At the Vantage Project, we got intrigued with the blockchain space last year and since then have been hacking together products that push its adoption forward. And one of the key recurring constraints we encountered ourselves and heard about incessantly from other blockchain entrepreneurs, is the bizarre dearth of good talent in the blockchain engineering space. And that had the “Problem digger” side of us intrigued.

5 Point Checklist you must not miss before you go public with your ICO

Irrespective of the token and the toke sale model, there are some details that are common to all successful ICOs and must be live before you go public. Here is a handy checklist.

7 Most Effective Token Sales Models that ever ICO must consider

For two important reasons:

  1. Designing an optimal structure is non-trivial process and will likely be a complex structure.
  2. The structure most be frozen before you go live, And any changes mid way are a serious dent to the credibility of the project.